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Waiting for Sponsor

At any given time, Armaveni has several dozen patients in need of sponsorship for their corrective surgery. At the moment, Armaveni has 25 registered patients, but according to our estimates there are about 250 people in need of surgery in Armenia who could benefit from this program. Due to the overwhelming number of persons in need of care and the required funding for treatment, there is no priority list for patients. The information on the age and the deformity or injury in need of our medical attention is available for every potential donor for sponsorship of a patient. Once a donor sponsors a patient, we immediately begin preparation for corrective surgery.

While the majority of our patients are children with congenital skeletal deformities, Armaveni includes many patients awaiting sponsorship who are middle aged or elderly, often including several with wounds sustained from military service. Most have dependent families, and becoming fully physically mobile may allow them to work again to support their loved ones and become fully functioning members of society.


Hayk Hakobyan

Hayk lives with his family of 6 members. Hayk's mother has a disability as well....


Varduhi Petrosyan

Varduhi lives with her parents and brother's family. She has two nephews who study at school. Vard...


Aghasi Palyan

Aghasi lives with his parents and sister. He is a dentist and currently looks for a job. To support ...


Varduhi Saaryan

Varduhi's family ives in Arteni village. Her parents, not having permanent jobs, support their 4 ch...


Sevak Sargsyan

Sevak suffers from a severe trauma which he received beacause of explosion in NK. After the explosi...


Gevorg Sargsyan

Gevorg is married and has two kids, he lives in a big family inlcluding his parents and sister. Both...


Larisa Manukyan

Larisa lives with her parents, in Russia. Likes drawing on wood, metal, etc....


Greta Simonyan

Greta lives with her parents. All family members are unemployed. She gets 16 000 AMD disability pens...


Ani Mesropyan

She lives with her parents and brother. She works as a manicurist in Yerevan. Her brother is married...


Sonya Harutyunyan

Sonya is from Hadrut. After leaving school, she studied hairdressing but she never worked by profess...


Hrachik Sargsyan

Hrachik is a school boy and attends drum (dohol) lessons. He lives with parents, grandparents, 3-yea...


Martin Poghosyan

Martin lives with his parents and sister. Father doesn't work, mother is a teacher, sister is a stud...


Anzhela Baghdasaryan

Anzhela lives with her 14-year-old son. He is a pupil. She is divorced. She is not able to work. H...

With your timely support today, you will allow Armaveni Charitable Foundation to provide life-changing surgeries to more than 250 patients from Armenia, Artsakh, and Javakhk.

Intermediary bank:
Standard Chartered Bank
New York, USA

Correspondent bank:
Raiffeisen Bank International AG
Address: Am Stadtpark 9, 1030 Vienna, Austria

Beneficiary bank:
correspondent account n. 070-55.083.711 (DO NOT use as beneficiary account number)
Beneficiary name: "Armaveni" charitable foundation
Account number (USD): 220003351651001
(AMD): 220003351990000