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Aida Simonyan

January 01 , 1970

Aida lives with a family of 7 people. The family cultivates their own small land. She is a schoolgirl. She also takes robotics courses at the school. She is fond of dancing, but unfortunately due to her leg problem, she is unable to walk and dance lot.

Address: Village Saralanj, Shirak province

Tel.: (374) 94 355-328; (374) 95 958-899

Treatment Information


Growing zone arrest in proximal part of left tibia, stage 4 arthritis in knee, LLD for 4 cm, varus deformity of left tibia, valgus deformity of left femur.

Treatment Procedure

Correction of varus deformity, limb lengthening by Ilizarov method.

Treatment Duration

5 months


Correction of varus deformity, elimination of LLD.

Treatment Cost

2500000 AMD



Before the treatment

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