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Our Patients

The patients that Armaveni treats are among the poorest citizens of Armenia, and are mostly children. Due to environment, or even wounds sustained in the military, they all have one thing in common: the deformity of their limbs, whether congenital or traumatic, strips them of an opportunity to have a full life. It is already challenging enough for one to live a life of poverty, and regardless of their economic situation, many often maintain high spirits and optimism. Yet, when one is born with an economic disadvantage, introducing a debilitating physical handicap erases any hope of progress in society and of living a semblance of a rewarding life. There is no denying this sad fact, and many of our patients had come to accept their situation, until they heard of Armaveni Foundation. The glimmer in a child's eyes when they understand that they are finally going to be able to fit in among other children is nothing less than pure, honest joy.

"With all my heart I would like to thank all the people who assisted my daughter’s surgery. Thanks to Dr. Arshak Mirzoyan, who helped to settle the financial problem: The First Lady of Republic of Armenia, Rita Sargsyan, sponsored the whole treatment of my daughter. I would like to thank her gratefully. And also thanks to Doctor Arsen Vahramyan, Nurse Marietta and all the medical personnel.God bless You all!"

Alvard Vardanyan

"I’d like to express my thanks to all tenderhearted people who helped to operate my son’s leg. Thanks to Doctor Arshak Mirzoyan, thanks to whom my son walks normally, as well as to “World Vision” for its financial help in treatment of my son. I would like you to have possibilities to help people like my son. Wish you good health and good luck. I’m also very thankful to Nurse Marietta and all the medical personnel."

Taguhi Poghosyan

‘‘My family and I would like to express heartfelt gratitude to The South Caucasian Railway, to all those kind people who helped me to acquire the meaning of my life and because of whom my dream came true. I wish with all my heart to you and your families the very best, good health and success. Let this flame not extinguish in your heart, and you have the opportunity to help people. God will reward you for that. I would also like to express my thanks to my dear Doctor Arshak Mirzoyan for his skillful job, and the whole medical staff for their good deeds. At the moment I have a usual lifestyle - like all my contemporaries I also go in for sports, study, help my parents. My family and I want to express our deep gratitude to Designer Faina Harutyunyan for the evening dress given to Armaveni Charitable Foundation for the charitable auction. And I am very glad that the money of the sale will go to the treatment of another patient. At the moment I am a student of Yerevan State Base Medical College - Faculty of Gynecology. I study well and do my best to become a good doctor to help people as well. Now I am walking with confidence due to the kind people who sponsored my surgery and treatment. God bless you!"

Olga Panfilova