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Individual opportunities

Making a donation directly improves the quality of life of our Standing Tall patients. Many donors have seen the successful impact of their donation, but there are several dozen patients still in need of corrective surgery. Please join our list of sponsors and embrace your humanity by sponsoring a patient from our list of Standing Tall candidates. Sponsorship can be a one-time donation or made in monthly installments.


There are several other ways you can make a positive impact on the patients of Standing Tall. Organizing a fundraiser, hosting a charity dinner, or holding a seminar to raise awareness and interest in the Standing Tall program are helpful ways to grow our program and contribute to our mission.   

Corporate Social Responsibility

Armenia is a developing country, and despite the availability of advanced medical services, the demand for corrective surgery of those with locomotor injuries/deformities outweighs the supply of funding. 

We greatly welcome the participation of businesses that are not indifferent toward the wellbeing of others and are willing to take responsibility for social actions in Armenia. 


We encourage companies’ sense of social responsibility, which engage their  business in social programs by making a positive impact on most vulnerable groups. 

Currently 13 patients are waiting for their life-changing surgery

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