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Sponsors & Partners


Hi-Am Charity Foundation, a non-profit community-based organization located in Glendale,CA, is our long term partner supporting us in many ways since the beginning of our Standing Tall program. United States citizens interested in tax deduction are directed to the Hi-Am Charity Foundation. According to the agreement signed between Hi-Am Charity Foundation, Armaveni Charitable Foundation and the Yerevan Center of Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction, they will arrange the transfer of donations.



Prof. Rodney Beals (USA), Prof. Gregory Goekjian (USA), Nairi Khachatouryan (USA), Mrs. Zarouhi Magpapyan (USA), Mrs. Tatevik Khaplanyan (USA), Mrs. Siranush Arabyan (USA), Mrs. Rima Saryan (USA), Mrs. Narine Davtian (RF), Mrs. Naira Mara (USA), Mrs. Maro Burnusuzyan (USA), Mrs. Maritsa Kagramanyan (USA), Mrs. Marina Pina (USA), Mrs. Mariam Sirekanyan (USA), Mrs. Lusine Tovmasyan (USA), Mrs. Lusine Markaryan (USA), Mrs. Liana Panosyan (USA), Mrs. Karine Basmadjyan (USA), Mrs. Kamilie Chamichyan (USA), Mrs. July Ashikian (USA), Mrs. Judy Salmon (USA), Mrs. Ira Heiveli (USA), Mrs. Astghik Voskanyan (USA), Mrs. Anna Vardanyan (USA), Mrs. Anna Babasyan (USA), Mrs. Ani Aramyan (USA), Mrs. and Mr. Ursula and Horst von Schmalfeld (Germany), Mrs. Aida Ter-Karapetian (Armenia), Mr. Vigen Hagop Hagopyan (USA), Mr. Vartges Mark Markaryan (USA), Mr. Vahram Mirzoyan (USA), Mr. Vahan Gevorgyan (USA), Mr. Suren Achemyan (USA), Mr. Seiran Ohanyan (Armenia), Mr. Ruben Tonikian (Armenia), Mr. Ruben Nazaryan (USA), Mr. Orbel Hakobyan (USA), Mr. Oganes Karpetyan (USA), Mr. Nshan Adjemyan (USA), Mr. Nazareth Danayan (USA), Mr. Misak Mikayelyan (USA), Mr. Michael Minasian (USA), Mr. Mamikon (USA), Mr. Krikor Jabourian (UAE), Mr. Karen Harutyunyan (USA), Mr. Hayk Achemyan (USA), Mr. Grisha Avetisyan (USA), Mr. Gevorg Margaryan (USA), Mr. George Lisikyan (USA), Mr. Gagik Tovmasyan (Armenia), Mr. Edwin Navasardyan (USA), Mr. Edgar Harutyunyan (USA), Mr. David Achemyan (USA), Mr. Christopher M. Lenz (USA), Mr. Ashot Bznuni (USA), Mr. Artur Shahnubaryan (USA), Mr. Arthur Halvajian (USA), Mr. Artak Khachatrian (Armenia), Mr. Armen Manukyan (USA), Mr. Arman Nairian (USA), Mr. Aram Gharambekian (USA), Mr. and Mrs. Vahe and Veronic Karapetian (USA), Mr. and Mrs. Vahan & Svetlana Tanapetyan (USA), Mr. and Mrs. Tigran & Gayane Arakelyan (USA), Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Mariam Ovanessov (USA), Mr. and Mrs. Souren Rostomyan & Dalita Dzhambazyan (USA), Mr. and Mrs. Serzh and Rita Sargsyan (Armenia), Mr. and Mrs. Sargis and Liana Torosyan (USA), Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Nevine Hambartsumyan (USA), Mr. and Mrs. Robert & Anahit Buniatyan (USA), Mr. and Mrs. Raffi and Armine Hovhannisyan (Armenia), Mr. and Mrs. Greg Haroutunyan & Anush Karapetyan (USA), Mr. and Mrs. Ghazar & Lusine Ghazaryan (USA), Mr. and Mrs. George and Flora Donoyan (USA), Mr. and Mrs. Gene and Elka Nalbandyan (USA), Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Nazaryan & Alla Babasyan (USA), Mr. and Mrs. David and Melanie Perry (USA), Mr. and Mrs. Avetik & Noune Machkalyan (USA), Mr. and Mrs. Alan and Narine Kuchukyan (GB), Matevosyan Family (USA), Dr. Vahan Grigoryan DDS (USA), Dr. Tigran Shahmanyan DDS (USA), Dr. Suren Chtchyan DDS (USA), Dr. Ruzan Sarkissian DDS (USA), Dr. Meline Kharakhashyan (USA), Dr. Hrachya Paruryan MD (USA), Dr. Hayk Arakelyan DDS (USA), Dr. Harutyun and Nara Kushkyan (Armenia), Dr. Grigor E. Khachatryan (Armenia), Dr. Arshak Mirzoyan and the staff of YCLLR (Armenia), Dr. Ara and Manushak Babloyan (Armenia), Dr. and Mrs. Ted and Andrea Khachaturyan (USA), Arshaluys Mirakyan (USA), Armine Zourabyan & Garegin Poghosyan (USA)