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Varduhi Saharyan

October 6, 1996

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Varduhi's family ives in Arteni village. Her parents, not having permanent jobs, support their 4 children by being involved in agricultural activities. Varduhi's bigger brother was discharged from military service because of a severe head injury he received accidentally while working. Varduhi's sister is married and lives separately with her husband. Smaller brothers study at school, one of them will join the army this year after graduation. Varduhi herself has general school education. Her parents do not want her to continue the education because of her disability, they are afraid of letting her go to University alone.

Addressvillage Arteni, Aragatsotn. Armenia. Tel: (374) 098 393063; (374)94 723440; (374)77 557163

DiagnosisCongenital left hip dislocation, symptomatic hip, 8 cm leg length discrepancy.

ProcedurePelvic support osteotomy by Shantz- Ilizarov.

Duration of Treatment4 months

PrognosisElimination of leg length discrepancy, improvement of gait and function of the hip.

WORDING_ADD_NOTESVarduhi was already operated in 2011, but unfortunately with unsatisfactory results because of inefficient pelvic support. She is now waiting for the second surgery.

Cost USD$5,800