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Varduhi Petrosyan

September 5, 1982

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Varduhi lives with her parents and brother's family. She has two nephews who study at school. Varduhi's father works as a security guard, her mother works as a house-cleaner.

AddressYerevan, Armenia. Tel: (374)98 424514; (374)10 676950

DiagnosisCongenital hip dislocation, after plate osteosynthesis of right femur, leg length discrepancy by 7cm.

ProcedureCorrective osteotomy of right femur, plate removal, osteosynthesis by Ilizarov for elimination of leg length discrepancy and improvement of gait and leg function.

Duration of Treatment5 months

PrognosisElimination of leg length discrepancy, improvement of gait and leg function.

Cost USD$6,000