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Sevak Sargsyan

December 20, 1989

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Sevak suffers from a severe trauma received in an explosion in Nagorno-Karabakh causing 35 cm leg length discrepancy. Now Sevak lives with his parents, his brother and brother's family, who have 2 children. Sevak's brother is the only one in the family who has employment. Sevak himself receives monthly 28.000 AMD disability pension.

AddressStepanakert, Nagorno-Karabakh. Tel: (374)97 201415; (374)97 242996

DiagnosisSequel of trauma (explosion), left leg length discrepancy by 12 cm

ProcedureElimination of leg length discrepancy.

Duration of Treatment6 months

PrognosisElimination of leg length discrepancy; improvement of gait and function of leg

WORDING_ADD_NOTESAfter the explosion Sevak underwent a reconstructive surgery in the scope of our Standing Tall Program. During the first stage of treatment his severe deformity was corrected and the leg was lengthened by 23 cm.

Cost USD$6,700