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Karen Matosyan

January 10, 1991

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Karen was living with his mother and brother, until very recently, when he got married. It is not easy to find an appropriate job in his situation, and despite that Karen and his wife started a small family business in Alaverdi, they are running a flower shop and are doing everything they can to support their family. Karen's brother is a craftsman, he also lives and works in Alaverdi, though he doesn't have a full-time employment.

AddressAlaverdi, Lori, Armenia. Tel: (374)99 887737; (374)43 527444

DiagnosisChronic osteomyelitis of left hip after prosthesis, left femur shortening by 10 cm.

ProcedureSequestrectomy, pelvic support osteotomy by Ilizarov for elimination of infection and leg length discrepancy.

Duration of Treatment8 months

PrognosisElimination of leg length discrepancy, improvement of gait and function of leg.

Cost USD$7,000