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Harutyun Tunyan

September 19, 1994

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Harutyun lives with his mother and sister in town Stepanavan. Unfortunately, Harutyun's mother does not have a permanent job to support her family, the average monthly income is about 60.000 AMD.

AddressStepanavan, Lori. Tel: (374)93 606513; (374)93 218874

DiagnosisSequel of tuberculosis of the hip. Hip fusion in non-functional position. Leg length discrepancy (LLD) by 6 cm.

ProcedureCorrective osteotomy of proximal part of tibia, application of Ilizarov frame for lengthening and deformity correction.

Duration of Treatment5 months

PrognosisElimination of LLD, improvement of gait.

Cost USD$ 5,500