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Gayane Martirosyan

May 8, 1967

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Gayane lives in a 6-member family in the town of Armavir with her 83-years old mother, brother and brother's family with 3 kids. Currently her brother seeks employment in Russia but with little success, so the family's only source of income are the pensions that Gayane and her mother get, which is undoubtedly not enough for their family's needs. Gayane's niece studies in Yerevan State Medical University and the family saves all its income to afford her education which costs with special poverty rates 400.000 AMD per year. The other two kids attend school in Armavir. Gayane herself actively seeks employment to support her family, but because of her disease the options for her are very limited. The recovery will make it easier for her to find an appropriate job.

AddressArmavir, Armavir, Armenia. Tel: (374) 93 012403; (374) 237 28863

DiagnosisSequel of rickets and multiple reconstructive surgeries of lower limbs, torsional deformity of the left tibia by 80°.

ProcedureOsteotomy of proximal and distal parts of the left tibia, osteosynthesis by Ilizarov for gradual deformity correction.

Duration of Treatment3 months

PrognosisDeformity correction, improvement of gait, decrease of pain in left knee.

Cost USD$4,000