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Davit Karapetyan

January 29, 1999

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17-year-old Davit lives with his parents. Unfortunately Davit can not attend school, but instead, his parents have taught him to read and write. His friends taught him how to use a computer, and now it is the main occupation Davit has at home. Davit's parents are involved in seasonal agricultural work in the village.

Addressvillage Bambakashat, Armavir, Armenia. Tel: (374) 77 647168; (374) 98 168586

DiagnosisCongenital pseudoarthrosis of both bones of left tibia. Fusion in the area of pseudoarthrosis, fracture in the upper 3rd of thigh, fusion with varus deformity by 20 degree.

ProcedureOsteosynthesis by Ilizarov for bone thickening at nonunion area, application of Ilizarov device on femur and tibia for elimination of deformity.

Duration of Treatment6 months

PrognosisElimination of leg length discrepancy and bone thickening at nonunion area.

WORDING_ADD_NOTESDavit was one of our beneficiaries in 2013. During the first stage of treatment his leg was lengthened by 12 cm.

Cost USD$6,900