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Armine Miqayelyan

March 15, 1985

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Armine lives with her mother in Yerevan. Armine's father was a war veteran. Armine is unemployed, she receives monthly 19.000 AMD disability pension. Armine's mother works as a house- cleaner, but not on permanent basis.

AddressYerevan, Armenia. Tel: (374)93 460827; (374)93 110172

DiagnosisCongenital achondroplasia, congenital dislocation of right hip, defect of proximal part of left hip, neoarthrosis, contracture of hip joint.

ProcedureAdductory osteotomy of left femur for axis correction and lengthening.

Duration of Treatment3 months

PrognosisImprovement of hip joint function and decrease of limping.

Cost USD$5,500