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Anush Babayan

March 2, 1990

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Anush lives with her two little kids being 3 and 5 years old in Azatavan village. Unfortunately she is a widow and despite her medical condition, and having no job, she takes care of the children all by herself.

Addressvillage Azatavan, Ararat, Armenia. TelÖ‰ (347)93 847 200; (374)98 106 918

DiagnosisSequel of poliomyelitis, shortening of the right tibia by 4 cm, hypertrophy of muscles, equinovarus deformity of the right foot, limitation of joints ROM, hammer toes deformity accompanied by pain and disorder of gait.

ProcedureOsteotomy of tibia and fibula, osteosynthesis by Ilizarov device for lengthening of limbs and foot deformity correction.

Duration of Treatment4 months

PrognosisElimination of the foot deformity and LLD, significant improvement of the gait and function of the leg.

Cost USD$ 6,000

Cost AMD$ 6,000